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Workboard is an enterprise SaaS company that assists businesses in achieving growth by making accountability and alignment remarkably simple. With the help of the Workboard SaaS Solution, a static practice of strategy alignment and advancement is transformed into a dynamic data-driven practice enhanced by analytics and intelligence. It enables organizations to automate business reviews, execute for growth, and align OKRs and FAST goals.

Workboard makes it possible to align goals and actions with complete transparency for quicker, better results. With software to quickly localize, activate, and carry out strategic priorities as well as coaching to quickly localize strategy across the organization so that everyone is focused on this quarter’s results, the Workboard solution helps teams make results a habit. As the organization expands rapidly, it maintains high speed, focus, and purpose.

When was Workboard Inc. founded?

Workboard was founded in 2013-14 and is headquartered in Redwood City, California, United States. Two realizations led to the creation of WorkBoard: It should be as simple to see how your business is doing on its plan as it is to see how your cycling friends are doing on their rides and competitions in terms of.

1) the speed and transparency with which teams measure results and 

2) the speed and efficiency with which they achieve them.

Deidre was annoyed by the lack of results data, worn out from compiling it, and certain that it was slowing down business while Daryoush was making next-level performance breakthroughs precisely because he had constant access to team performance data. When the issue, solution, and opportunity became clear, WorkBoard was created.

Workboard Inc. overview Phone Number And Other Contact Options

Company Name

Workboard Inc.


Software & Apps


Company Type

Private Company


Redwood City, California, United States

Workboard Phone Number

+1 650-464-3677

Contact Email

Social Links


Deidre Paknad



No of employees

100 - 250


Frequently Asked Questions regarding Workboard

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When was Workboard Inc. founded?

Workboard Inc. was founded in 2014.


Where is Workboard’s headquarters located?

Workboard is located in Redwood City, California, United States.


What is Workboard’s official website?

Workboard’s official website is


Who is the Founder of Workboard?

Deidre Paknad is the founder of Workboard.


How much funding has Workboard raised till now? 

Workboard has raised $141.6M.


How many employees are working in Workboard?

Workboard has 100 – 250 employees.

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