What Resentment Looks Like in a Marriage: 5 Signs to Recognize

13 October 2022

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Big fights and disputes can develop out of anger over time. Usually, it starts with very subtle signs.

It's important to recognize and question any feelings of hostility toward your partner.

Clamming Up

The desire to communicate often decreases as hostility escalates. You hold back internally because you don't want to talk.

Using Generalized Statements

When we are angry with someone, our mind becomes very alert and seeks connections that explain our anger.

When we do this, our spouse gets the impression that we neglect all their excellent qualities and focus only on their flaws.

Being Passive Aggressive

At least initially, we tend to act subtly on our feelings of resentment.Small things that often bother us, and as a result, can cause us to react more strongly than usual.

Comparing your Partner to Others

We can yearn for those moments when we thought our needs were met in earlier relationships when we were angry with a spouse or partner,

By doing so, we run the risk of setting unattainable standards that neither we nor our partner may be able to meet.

Feeling Hopeless About Conflicts

Conflicts can start to seem hopeless and you may believe that you lack the willpower to resolve them when you are feeling angry.

From unintentionally taking hold of bitterness after a struggle, you have nothing to gain and everything to lose.

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