The Best Bridal Undergarments to Wear Under Your Wedding Dress

07 October 2022

All Image: Weddingwire

Here are some ideas for suitable bras, underwear and shapewear for a wedding. Make your bridal undergarments simple by following these tips.

Consider the Design of Your Wedding Gown.

Wear Underwear That You Are at Ease Wearing.

Put Function Over Beauty When Choosing Your Wedding Lingerie.

Select Undergarments That Complement Your Wedding Dress' Colour.

Visit a Store That Specialises in Bridal Undergarments.

Before the Wedding, Try Your Undergarments Out.

A  Few Weeks Prior to Your Wedding, Try Applying Some Sticky Tape to a Small Area of Your Body to Familiarise Yourself with the Process and See Whether It Creates Any Reactions.

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