6 Benefits of Oil Pulling

10 October 2022

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Oil Pulling Is a Traditional Method for Cleaning Your Mouth of Bacteria and Enhancing Dental Hygiene.

Can Kill Negative Mouth Bacteria

Could Aid in Lessening Bad Breath

Can Aid in Preventing Cavities

Seems to Improve Gum Health and Reduce Inflammation

Here Are the Easy Steps for Oil Pulling in 4 Phases:

One Tablespoon of Oil, Such as Coconut, Sesame, or Olive Oil, Should Be Measured.

Spend 15 to 20 Minutes Swishing It About in Your Mouth, Being Careful Not to Swallow Any.

Once You're Done, Spit the Oil into a Garbage Container. 

Before You Eat or Drink Anything, Give Your Mouth a Thorough Rinsing with Water.

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