4 Signs Your Relationship is Going to Last, According to an Expert

12 October 2022

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Four indicators of a relationship's impending end have been identified by a clinical psychologist.

it seems easy most of the time

Despite the difficulties of life and the difficulties you personally endure, your partnership feels secure, easy, and comfortable.

you fight fairly

"Couples in happy relationships understand that fights should be used to communicate rather than to hurt one another.

"They are careful of one another's feelings; they are careful with their language and tone.

You care about your partner's happiness

It is crucial to look out for your partner's happiness since a solid friendship is the foundation of a healthy relationship.

"Healthy couples do this and are conscious of their partner's happiness.

You are "deliberately gentle and kind" towards each other

The fourth and final indication is to keep in mind to treat one another with respect and kindness, especially in the face of challenges.

The most crucial of the four indicators is that you care about your partner's happiness.

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