2020's Best Healthy Sleeping Apps

11 October 2022

All Image: Pexels

Living with Occasional or Persistent Insomnia Can Be Difficult.

Beyond Just Keeping You from Sleeping, It Can Have a Negative Impact on Your Physical and Mental Well-Being.

Discover How Understanding Your Individual Sleep Habits Can Be the Secret to Getting Deeper, More Peaceful Sleep.

Sleep Cycle

the App Also Has a Smart Alarm Clock That Will Gently Wake You Up When You Are Still in the Lightest Sleep Phase.

Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep

Select from a Variety of Sleep-Promoting Sounds, Including White Noise, Nature Sounds, Animal Noises, and High-Quality Water Sounds.

Sleep as Android

This Android App Is Made to Track Your Sleep Patterns and Analyze Their Quality Based on Factors Including Duration, Deficit, Proportion of Deep Sleep, Snoring, Efficiency, and Irregularity.


Users of This App Can Now Create Soft Alarm Notifications Using the Improved In-App Alarm Clock Feature.

Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds

the App's Single Sessions and Five-Day Programmes Can Assist You in Getting Deep Sleep, Deeper Sleep, Stress and Anxiety Alleviation, and Other Benefits.

Automatic Sleep Tracker Pillow

for Iphone Users, Pillow Is a Smart Sleep Assistant.

Sleep Sounds

Sleep Sounds Delivers on Its Promise. High-Quality, Calming Sounds Are Included in the App for Better, Uninterrupted Sleep.

Slumber: Fall Asleep, Insomnia

This Collection of Night Tales and Meditations Is Made to Help You in Overcoming Insomnia and Falling Asleep Quickly.

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