Porsche 718 Cayman – GT4 Review 2022

Porsche 718 Cayman Review 2021: this is the car we’ve been hoping would exist for years it is the Porsche cayman gt4 rs the harder cord version of what was the sportiest cayman that money could buy but now now it’s a proper junior 911 gt3.

The Numbers

Here are the numbers it’s four liters naturally aspirated flat-six that you may recognize from the gt3 can rev up to 9000 rpm and produces 493 brake horsepower and 332 pounds-feet of torque that’s a respective bump of 79 horsepower and 15 pounds-feet over the gt4 that power is sent to the rear wheels by a seven-speed pdk gearbox no manuals here and paul says it’ll be good for 3.4-second naught to 62 sprints topping out at nearly 200 miles an hour while these are all very impressive numbers what’s more impressive is how this car stays glued to the road via these front wheel arch vents via the manually adjustable front diffuser which is done by waggling your hand around inside that front wheel arch all the underbody arrow the rear diffuser and of course the big rear wing, as a result, this car produces around 20 percent more downforce than the standard gt4 when both cars are in their maximum attack track settings and crucially it does it without any penalty and drag. 

Track Performance

the job here is to lap harder and faster than anything else out there that means there’s an rs only shock setup and its own bespoke spring and anti-roll bar rates Porsche’s also used ball joints to keep the chassis tight to the body making sure the car is as stiff as possible 

Weight Reduction + Interior

this is an rs car which means it is the peak of Porsche engineering nerdery which means there can be no compromise when it comes to saving weight so in the back you have extra thin gorilla glass you have a titanium roll cage which is part of the vice sac pack you have lighter door cards you have fabric door pulls you have storage nets here instead of traditional storage compartments and you have less insulation the sum total of all, that means it is 35 kilograms lighter than a pdk equipped gt4 which means it’s 20 kilograms lighter than a pdk equipped gt3 and just three kilograms lighter than a manual gt3 

Porsche 718 Cayman

Nürburgring Numbers

all of those headline figures mean the gt4 rs can lap the Nurburgring in just 7 minutes 4.511 seconds over 23 seconds quicker than the standard gt4 and just six seconds slower than the gt3 admittedly that was done with pro driver jorg Bergmeister at the wheel and on a set of super-sticky Michelin pilot sport cup 2rs which are available as an option by the way but still impressive.

GT4 RS vs GT4

power torque weight lap times we know all of that but how will the layman the casual car fan be able to tell the gt4 rs apart from the gt4 well i’ll show you the gt4 by comparison as you can see is fairly clean at the front end whereas here it’s maximum aggression you’ve got the contrast colored carbon fiber bonnet of course but also these ducts which feed air straight to the brakes and then these air curtains which smooth the airflow down the side of the car around the back the most obvious difference is the massive rear wing with its swan neck mounts and aluminium supports now this can be adjusted manually via four settings for varying angles of attack but if you adjust this you must also manually adjust the front diffuser to keep the overall aero balance of the car just so and look it’s not just bigger than this wing over here it’s a lot bigger isn’t it and that’s because it’s modeled around the 911 rsr gt race car and of course the 911 gt3 what else can i show you well down here we have these twin exhaust pipes same as the gt4 but these are more elaborate these are titanium tipped which is part of the vice act pack the diffusers by the way are pretty much identical save for these extra little winglets along the side here and while we have the cars together let’s put the stats up question is how has porsche made the gt4 rs so much quicker than the gt4 and more importantly why well there’s no better person to ask than the man behind all of porsche’s gt cars


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